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AntEater helps teams leverage artificial intelligence to do stuff faster & easier.

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Hard to believe? It takes 30 seconds to try it out. 

Anteater learns from your team's activity and is 100% up to date for - no data entry, no maintenance.

Simply AI.

Team projects & activity reports that
work instantly,
are always up-to-date,
using AI

Automatically track time for each team member on any project or account - without user intervention

AntEater works instantly,

using AI

Anteater is always 100% up to date for your entire team - no data entry, no maintenance, Simply AI.


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Track time on Email, Instant Messaging, Project management and technical repositories automatically.

Enter a few keywords and AntEater gathers comprehensive activity across all team members in your existing project management and team collaboration SaaS.

With smart topic clustering we create and suggest projects automatically.

Magical project tracking & time calculation

AntEater integrates with your technical and project management systems and uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify, categorize, and time track  eligible projects & activities. 

Spend less time to calculate timesheets and ensure you're tracking every bit of activity.

AntEater creates  timesheets  for your team automatically using email, Slack, JIRA and GitHub / Bitbucket activity (+1,001 other sources).

Perfect for startups and prof. services firms with no time to waste.

No data entry. Simply AI.

Employees spend up to 9 hours each month tracking their time. 
Businesses typically under-track 7 to 12% of time spent on initiatives.

Get up to date team activity in seconds and stop under-billing.

Try it free

Automate your 
timesheets with AI

2,000+ integrations with your favourite tools & export to any format

AntEater stays up to date with all your favourite tools - it integrates with 1000s of applications (2,688, to be precise!) through a powerful API to make anything possible.

Export detailed reports to csv or Excel spreadsheets for integration with other systems.

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