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AntEater helps teams leverage relationship intelligence to do stuff faster & easier. 

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Sales teams

Hard to believe? It takes 30 seconds to try it out. 

Anteater learns from your team's activity and is 100% up to date - no data entry, no maintenance.

Simply AI.

People Ops

IT & Operations

Accelerate Sales, Marketing, People & Operations 

Connected & remote teams deliver extraordinary results

Breakdown the silos - find experts in and outside of your team for any topic, skill or project. 

Find who can help you in your team or your organization.

Update your contacts & pipelines instantly,
using our API

Find people related to any project or topic in seconds

Keep track of relationships & close deals faster

Security center▷ Slack integration

Update your contacts & pipelines instantly,

Anteater is always 100% up to date for your entire team - no data entry, no maintenance, Simply AI.


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Stop wasting time looking for who to talk to in and outside of your team. 

AntEater detects topics, projects, deals and other important keywords automatically to categorize all your contacts & accounts.

Find people, topics, connections and experts immediately - without updating your CRM or knowledge base.

AntEater shows you who has been in contact with customers, partners and vendors - so you don't email someone twice or miss out on an important email.

Use alerts to be notified when someone on your team receives an email from a specific contact or on a specific project.

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Share your contacts, activity and emails with your team

AntEater automatically finds every contact in every organization you or your team has been in touch with - and shares it with your team.

View all conversations with these contacts and the projects they're working on, detected automatically.

▷ Getting started in 30 seconds

Get new hires their most important contacts and topics right away.

Pick up the relationships when joining a new team or project - See who is involved across the organization in a safe & secure way.

Find new connections quickly and close your deals faster. Find new leads and related companies in seconds. 

Unlike typical CRM's, AntEater is always up to date, and 100% complete  No need for data entry - we simply build all insights with AI. 
Stay on top of your deals with minute by minute activity for your entire organization.

Security is our top priority

AntEater learns from interactions to build knowledge & insights for you and your team. 

We take all precautions necessary to protect your privacy and ensuring your information is secure. 

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CRMs, team contact lists & spreadsheets are difficult to setup 
and take a lot of time to keep up to date.

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A Shared Inbox to
keep your team aligned

with projects & customers

AntEater makes your team collaborate better - Share your contacts, activity and emails with your team in a safe and secure manner.

Simply connect your Inbox or Slack - it just works

3 seconds to answers

with our Slack & MS Teams bots

"Who should I be talking to today?"
"When is the last time we contacted this customer?"
"Who is our account manager at our social media agency?"
"Who can help me escalate this issue with our vendor?"
"Who knows about our new security policy?"
"Who has our Twitter password?"

2,500+ integrations

AntEater stays up to date with all your favourite tools - it integrates with 1000's of applications through Zapier and a powerful API to make anything possible.

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