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AntEater helps high performing teams connect and be more transparent to get more stuff done together.

  • Explore all your contacts and detect skills

  • See who knows what & who is talking to who, view your contact response rates

  • Magically works with your existing Inbox


Create or join a team 
to share knowledge

Share team contacts and activity. See how your team and  network collaborate and who is close to each other. You decide what you share with your team.

Magically works with your  Inbox

Our AI learns from your important relationships & conversations. You don't have to enter any data and you see results immediately.

Explore your team now

Free up to 5 team members.

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Explore your personal Inbox - it's free

I can quickly explore any project discussions on a timeline  to see what's happening. A real time saver and has made it easier to dive into complex projects.

Anita Naidu

Project Manager, 
Google Impact Challenge Winner

I can share contacts  with my whole team & find new introductions. Mentoring my sales team is easier & I close deals faster.

Matt Donnet

Founder  & CEO  

 Experts & Topics, makes it easy to onboard new team members and find others in the organization with experience on products or framework we want to use.

Ivan Adanja

Development Team Lead 

Security is our top priority

AntEater is safe and secure, with strong encryption and sharing controls.

For Sales
Find an intro or an expert and close your deals faster

For Project Managers
See all activity

For All Team Members
Break down the silos

Use your team's network to find introductions and close deals faster. 

Insights created instantly with AI

Your team network is built automatically from team discussions in your Inbox - you see immediate results with zero data entry 

See who knows what in your team and outside of your organization. Get help and help others

Find an expert on any topic

Use your team's knowledge

& share contacts, topics and activity

Try AntEater with your team for free

AntEater tells you who knows who and what in your organization 
to get stuff done easier, faster.

AntEater tells you who knows who and what in your team, 
so you can get stuff done easier, faster

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Because team work is less work

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