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AntTinder is an April fool's joke. We make AntEater. AntEater helps teams on Slack& GSuite connect better and get more stuff done.

  • Explore all your existing relationships and detect new partners with AI

  • See who knows what techniques & who is dating who, view your pickup line success rates

  • Magically works with your existing Inbox


Create or join a team 
to share partners

Share team partners and activities. See how your team and network dates and who is close to each other. You decide who you share with your team.

Magically works with your  Inbox

Our AI learns from your important relationships & conversations. You don't have to enter any data and you see dates immediately.

Free up to 5 concurrent partners.

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Explore your personal Inbox - it's free

I can quickly explore any team discussions on a timeline  to see who is dating who.

Super useful to find new paths to introduction and find out who will be away from the projecty= at the same time.

Anit Anteater 

Talent & Culture improvements, 
Altavista Impact Challenge Winner

For everyone
Break down the ice

I can find new relationships quickly so I have more time for work. My sales team is more motivated & I close deals faster.

Pat Donkey

Founder  & CEO  

 I love the AI matching experts, makes it easy to find a partner who shares my favourite programming frameworks we want to use.

Ivro Katanga

HR Director 

Your safety is our top priority

AntTinder is safe and secure, with strong moral support available and safe practices education & controls.

For Sales teams
Find new relationships and close your deals faster

Automate & scale your introductions to potential romantic interests in your professional network. Less work, more fun!

Partners matching you selected with AI

We analyze your browsing habits in private mode to discover who you are most likely to match with. Don't worry, it's safe!

You can browse AI generated techniques to find someone who shares your "interests"

Find an expert on any technique

Automate & scale your workplace romances

& share partners, connections & date nights

Try AntTinder with your team Today on April 1st. 
Automate & scale your workplace romances with your team.

who is dating who 
find workplace romance
using AI.

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Match. Slack. Date.


** April 1st 2019 - our April fool's ** 

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